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Thursday, 10 October 2013

While I was in the chippy…..


Newspapers. It’s not often you’ll catch me reading one, particularly one of the nationals. They’re politically biased and often only print an approximation of the truth anyway. However, my eye was caught today by a banner on the front of ‘The Times’. No, I didn’t buy it – I try to avoid enriching Mr Murdoch any further, but it was on the table in the local chippy. The banner below the masthead said ‘The midlife guide to wearing leather’. Yes, given my love for all things black you can see why it piqued my interest. Next to the banner was a picture of a certain David Beckham in leather jacket and jeans looking stunning (in my opinion anyway) as per usual.

The article was aimed largely at women, but squeezed to the right was the ‘men’s bit’ with yet another picture of the delectable Mr. B. There was advice on selecting the right jacket, and how to wear it with particular focus on the biker style, the general tone being that you mustn’t look as if you’ve tried too hard.

All useful stuff for Mr & Mrs Times reader I’m sure but there was no mention of anything as risque as – gulp - leather jeans for men. The only bit the grabbed me was right at the end suggesting that a long leather coat is a definite no no. Given that my trusty leather trench will be emerging from it’s summer hibernation on our trip away in Patsy next week I read on. You will end up looking, says the article, like Herr Flick from ‘Allo Allo’ or a member of UKIP. 

Oh dear! Just as well I don’t give a damn isn’t it!

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