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Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Flat – Week Five

We have carpet! We have chairs! We have a telly!

The carpet went down a day earlier than originally planned. The company rang us Tuesday asking if they could come in a day earlier. Slight panic and a stream of expletives followed but we decided to go ahead – and very good it looks too.

The fitters hadn’t even finished before we scuttled off to the storage unit to pick up our old but serviceable and VERY comfortable black leather (obviously!) recliners. It was so nice to sit in them again.

Another shopping expedition on Friday, this time for some more linen and curtains but otherwise a day off from DIY’ing.

Saturday was spent going backwards and forwards to the lock up for various bits and bobs including the telly, and the pine corner units which look great in the hallway.

The telly was retrieved from the storage unit on Sunday, mounted on the wall and switched on for the first time in over two months. All the speakers are up but only the surround sound is operational so far. I’d spent over two hours threading and feeding wires and cable on Sunday afternoon and had had enough. The centre speaker is currently atop a nest of tables in the absence of the fire and surround due next week.

The desk is in place in the office/dining room/2nd bedroom and the whole room is looking very nice indeed – much more traditional in style and a pleasant place to surf porn- sorry, catch up on paperwork…….

So, this week? At some point we will be picking up the sofas and emptying the storage unit. Some of the dining room still needs another coat of paint and we haven’t even started on the smallest room in the house and there’s still lots of bits and bobs to come from the lock up.

Not only that, but the end of next week is half term – which means Patsy  rides again. Our third visit to Crystal Palace will include a tour around the Houses of Parliament – and some long lie-ins hopefully!



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