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Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Flat – Week Two

As promised, another update on our flat and what we’re doing to it:

Monday, and with a fair amount of brute force but much more ignorance, the cupboard in the hall yielded to the club hammer and my temper. Decorating continued in the main bedroom.

Tuesday and Window Workshop were in fitting new mechanisms to the windows, whilst Iain the plumber got cracking on the kitchen. We watched and made the occasional cuppa.

Wednesday. Whilst the plumber finished off we went to Been & Queued with a very long shopping list. Our neighbour and friend Jackie came with us armed with her discount card.  Finally got storage sorted out for Patsy. What with B & Q and the plumber it was an expensive day, and given my aversion to parting with money – unless it’s for essentials like beer and clothes of course – quite a painful one too!

Thursday and the box section thingy in the lounge yielded to my persuasions with the club hammer. Another trip to the dump in what is now a very filthy Jessie. Used some of the wood battens to put some shelves up in the meter cupboard and in doing so dislodged one of the fuse carriers causing  a short circuit and an extremely loud bang and the main fuse to go. No harm done thankfully but frightening at the time.

Friday. More of those little jobs that seem to take for ever. The bedroom furniture arrived in the afternoon.

Saturday. Kitchen finished and blinds back up in the main bedroom too. Discover immersion heater element needs replacing. Something else to add to the never ending shopping list.

Sunday. Curtain rail and curtains up in main bedroom and filled in some of the holes in the concrete floor and started filling the gaps left by the removal of the hall cupboard. Afternoon off – to do this!



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