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A page dedicated to Trevor Webdale - friend, best mate, partner and ultimately husband who passed away suddenly on the 1st August 2018. We’d been together for over twenty-seven years and known each other for other thirty. The page is an ongoing project that I’ll add to over time. It’s in no particular order, chronological or otherwise.

Trev01Taken on the 19th July, just 12 days before he died, on the eve of the launch of the Bailey Phoenix in Swindon. Taken by friend and fellow caravanning blogger & vlogger Dan Trudgian, this picture says it all to me. Happy, content, relaxed with just the merest hint of mischievousness! This photo adorns my lounge as a print in a box frame, the laptop, phone and tablet as wallpaper.

Our Civil Partnership - 6th April 2006 with dear friends Kevin & Lawrence. There were just thirteen of us at the ceremony and meal after, although we had a bit of a party in the summer. The other picture is from the day we ‘upgraded’ to Marriage on 2nd December 2015. The local council were offering ‘free upgrades’ for a short period and although initially we weren’t going to bother, we later though it was something that many people had thought very hard for. On that day I broke off from doing the housework and Trev interrupted his care taking duties at the Pre-Prep for a quick dash to the registry office. A fancy ceremony wasn’t important to us, although it would have made a good excuse for a party!


Some memes that were sent by friends on Facebook in the days following Trev’s death - all helped in one way or another. The one describing grief as a tidal wave was particularly helpful and Speak Their Name was read at the funeral.


The funeral took place on 20th August 2018 at Cambridge City Crematorium.  This is the Order of Service:


There was a webcast of the service for those that couldn’t make it and is available to view on YouTube HERE.

I recreated the visual tribute that formed part of the service which you can see HERE.

The service was conducted by Humanist Celebrant Vanessa Corbishley who I thought was excellent, getting the tone just right. Her script is HERE.

The wake was held at the pub in the village where I was brought up and where Trev and I spent rather too many late nights.Screenshot_20180915-125903_Firefox

Shortly after Trev died I had a call from the Chaplain at the college - Father Robert. They would very much like to hold a memorial service for Trev at the college. This was not only very heart-warming but also very handy as it would a chance for those who couldn’t make it to Cambridge to pay their respects.

His death featured in the first weekly newsletter of the new term.

It was a lovely sunny Friday afternoon when the service took place, timed so that as many colleagues as possible could attend including my fellow drivers. Here is the order of service:

Trev - Memorial Order of Service-page-001Trev - Memorial Order of Service-page-002Trev - Memorial Order of Service-page-003Trev - Memorial Order of Service-page-004Trev - Memorial Order of Service-page-005Trev - Memorial Order of Service-page-006

The first Address was by Deputy Head Steve Marshall-Taylor who Trev worked closely with on the all important Open Mornings. It was great to hear Steve talk about Trev with such high regard, reflecting on Trev’s ability to get on with people. There’s a transcript HERE.

The second address was by Security office Stephen Sparshatt, an entertaining speech touching on his bond with his colleagues - and his love of a chinwag! You can read that HERE.

The service was recorded and there is a podcast available online HERE.

The college also generously hosted a gathering afterwards and even made sure there was plenty of one of my most favourite beers. I was given the night off and another driver covered my round that night. Trev again made the college newsletter the following week:


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