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Trev’s Memorial Brighton College 5th Oct 2018 | Address by Stephen Sparshatt

Trevor walked briskly into my life. He was wearing a high visibility vest and had a smile on his face, and a sparkle in his eyes.

He was fuelled by black coffee. A drink discovered by a 9th century Ethiopian goat herder called Kaldi, who had observed his goats jumping up and down after eating the red berries from a Coffee Arabica tree. It certainly put a spring in Trevor's step.

A large water bird with a long beak and a considerable throat pouch, Trevor found himself, like many other Pelicans, subject to the winds of fate. He landed at Brighton College, which was where he was needed the most.

A Greek stoic philosopher once said, ‘It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.’

Trevor never imagined that he would ever work as a Caretaker of a Pre-Prep School and a Minibus Driver and Security Officer at a College, but once in position he performed each role to the best of his abilities and with good humour.

Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers wrote the lyrics, Sister Sledge sung the song, but it was Trevor who practiced the philosophy and inspired us all – WE ARE FAMILY.

We are all in this together. Life is challenging. We are here to love, help and support each other. To be happy in a peaceful world.

As the Caretaker of The Pre-Prep School Trevor would organise the morning drop off of pupils. Surrounded by woman teachers - all wearing their high visibility vests – I got all my sisters with me – WE ARE FAMILY. A flamboyance of bright yellow flamingos.

The working relationship at Pre-Prep between the teachers, support staff, Trevor and the pupils brings to my mind the second verse of the song.

Everyone can see we’re together

As we walk on by

And we fly just like birds of a feather

I wont tell no lie

All of the people around us they say

Can they be that close

Just let me state for the record

We’re giving love in a family dose.

Trevor’s brotherly love, help and support of all the pupils, staff, parents and visitors in the three schools and in the three roles that he carried out was twinned with his genuine interest in everyone. He shared his life with us and we shared ours with him.

In elementary algebra, the quadratic formula is the solution of the problem known as the quadratic equation. In other words very few parking spaces divided by lots of visiting cars = conflict + Trevor = tranquillity. Trevor managed the parking in the quad on No Parking Days, Open Mornings and at particularly busy times and he did it extremely well.

Occasionally on No Park Days a voice would be heard over the radio, ‘Trevor – there’s a rather attractive lady in a lovely little red sports car – convertible – I think – any chance of a small space for her ? ‘No chance at all Stephen’ Trevor would reply. ‘Received Trevor and over ‘- I would say and it was….

At some point Trevor would let me know that he needed a break and I would walk up to him through a quad as empty as a pupil’s mind at the beginning of term, and he would say ‘No doubt you’ll let them all in while I’m away’ .

Now most people are rather unfortunate. They only get to hear the Queen’s speech once a year, whereas I heard it on an almost daily basis in the Security Office, the Quad and on Sutherland road.

Trevor’s topics were always the same –

Richard – how wonderful was and so handsome

Cambridge – where he was from. The most beautiful city in England

The Royal Papworth Hospital – the best hospital in England

Dinner – what he was going to cook that evening

Dorcas – the HM’S Secretary – his bird as I called her – and how he was going to give her a lift to collect her car that evening.

Guests of the Head Master – that he had collected from the Railway Station and become well acquainted with by the time he got to the College. The likes of Peter Tatchell etc

College Events – Such was Trevor’s enthusiasm when talking about College activities anyone could be forgiven for sometimes thinking that it was he who was an athletic, academic pupil , proficient in street dance and playing the piano.

Caravanning – When talking about this Trevor's cheeks would turn olive green – ‘ Here today, up and off to somewhere else tomorrow! Travel, change, interest, excitement! The whole world before you and a horizon that’s always changing ! ‘

The Gay Community – Can I just add here that I now have a considerable knowledge of the Gay Community. I honestly feel that if I was caught up in thunder storm in St James’s street and I had to seek refuge in The Bulldog that I could more than hold my own … to speak …

And lastly Trevor’s specialist subject. The future of Brighton College. Trevor was a walking, talking Newspaper that went by the name of The Brighton College Echo. What he didn’t know, which was very little, he made up and repeated until it became thought of as the truth.

Having said this I would be most grateful if anyone can reassure me that the theme for PRIDE 2019 isn’t an Austrian one and that I won’t be sat on the College float dressed in Lederhosen stroking my droopy moustache.

Trevor’s spirit will always be in the College, the Prep and Pre-Prep Schools. It will continue to inspire us all to be good, honest and kind, to be the best you and yet let right prevail.

From year one to year twelve and the sixth form. From Visitors, parents, and from staff as low as me to those as high up as his Richardness and the Governors; where there is little oxygen, we thank you Trevor for your kindness, courage and compassion.

Individuality is everything and you were an exceptional individual.

A true gentleman.

Now Let us all just pause to remember …………………….

Living life is fun and we’ve just begun

To get our share of the world’s delights

High hopes we have for the future

And our goals in sight

No we don’t get depressed

Cause here’s what we call our golden rule




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