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Friday, 8 November 2013

The Flat – Week Seven (sort of)

Ok, so technically it’s week nine or thereabouts but half term and a week away in Patsy put a halt to the DIY – and visits to Been & Queued – thankfully.

So, quick update. Fireplace in, bedside cabinet tops in – both fitted. Upgraded to BT Infinity and You View although getting BT Sport proved to be a bit more problematic. The visiting engineer couldn’t get it to work but an hour and a half on the phone to a very patient technician did the trick. The box was supplied with the wrong software – or something. Anyway, all is good now.IMAG0307

Our old Freesat box, is now largely redundant although still has some stuff left to watch on it. There is a communal dish on the roof and we did toy with going down that route but it would have meant having to accommodate two more cables running around the skirting board and as you can see from behind the media cabinet, there’s quite enough to be going on with…..

The wall heaters are all fitted and ready to go. We tried them out last night and they should be adequate although the amount of electricity they got through in a few hours was, well, interesting. I have to keep reminding myself that our gas bill will be virtually zero, given that it’s only the hob that uses it.

In progress is the loo. A cheap and cheerful cabinet is now on the wall and there is a new blind up at the window. A coat of paint on the walls, bog roll and towel holders to fit, then it’s done.

And that will be it. Nearly….