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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Flat – Week Six

Yippee! Last day before half term. I haven’t got so excited about the end of school since, well, when I was at school. Anyway, the latest update:

The bed arrived this morning and we can’t wait to er, try it. Our other old thing is now in bits and at the dump. It served it’s purpose well as a spare but was hardly the last word in comfort.

Keen observers will notice the black headboard. I should point out that’s it’s fake leather. Real wasn’t an option. Sadly. All we are waiting for here now is the tops for the bedside units.


Last Friday we hired a van and picked up the sofas and in doing so emptying the storage unit and stopping the meter running on that particular expense. The rental company gave me a long wheel base as that’s all they had so we only had to make one trip. We were both dreading trying to get them up the stairs and around corners but it went as well as we could have hoped. The only scuff marks were on us, and yes the sofas are black leather – at least some parts anyway!

Just the fire and surround to come and that’s due tomorrow.


Various picture now adorn the walls, some new some old and our travel maps now have their place in the hall. Friends will know of the world map from ‘Border Control’ but facing it we now have a British Isles map, soon to show places visited in Patsy. To come is a European map ready for our big trip next year, all being well.


So, what’s left. Well the change in the weather this week has given us a reminder of the one thing the flat lacks – heating. The old dear downstairs helps out by having her flat like an oven all day bless her but that ain’t going to be enough. We’ve opted for panel heaters which I’ll order next week. Cheaper than having central heating installed – and tidier since any pipes would have to be surface mounted – although running costs remain to be seen. One thing we are sure of – the flat will be cheaper to heat than Border Control.

So no update next week as we’re back in Patsy up the A23 in Crystal Palace. Look out for blogs from there.

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