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Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Flat – Week 3

We’re in! Yes, actually living here now, or more realistically, sleeping and working. There has been progress but it has been painfully slow at times, not helped by having to work for a living – it always gets in the way doesn’t it!

Anyway, the kitchen continues to be ‘finished’ – od little finicky jobs that seem to keep cropping up. Our bedroom is now complete – ish. Having been immersed in the detritus of flat pack furniture for a couple of days we now have a functional bedroom. It’s not finished – neither of us realised that the tops for the bedside draws have to be ordered separately – and they are not due until November. The bed is an old one from our bungalow – the new one is due in three weeks. There’s a couple of ottomans to come from storage but other than that we’re pretty much there.

The bathroom is usable too. A new blind for the window – rather laboriously swapped for the one in the kitchen because it was a fraction too long – and decorated throughout. I can report that the bath works after a communal dip last night.

The last of the laminate flooring  - in the second bedroom/dining room was ripped up today. That’s almost the last of the real messy stuff thankfully. The making good of the area in the hall where the cupboard was continues and is looking good.

It’s nice to have the broadband back although to be honest I’ve hardly used the PC – there’s always been something to do. The phone line was run through to the lounge today for when we get everything set up properly.

Have been picking up more stuff from the lock up – kitchen gear and most of our clothes are now here, so I’ve got a lot more black to chose from and my trusty leather trench coat will be ready for action on our next trip in Patsy in just over three weeks.

Talking of Patsy, the old girl is now safely in storage, about half an hour a way. We emptied her out last Saturday. It seemed odd to leave her, but she will be safe and secure – and at the price they’re charging she should be.



So, this week. Wednesday the rest of the skirting board goes down, but we’ve got to wait nearly two weeks for the rest of the carpet. This means that the big stuff that’s in storage will have to stay there  a little longer – and the meter is running there too.

Still, it will all be worth it in the end!

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