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Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Canarian Chronicles - Part 3

Friday 16th Oct - Tenerife

Had the promised early night last night and woke this morning feeling like a
bag of ****!

Not sure whether I've picked up a bug or it's just withdrawal symptoms. Was
tempted to order a pint for breakfast but thought better of it and opted
instead for some nasal spray and paracetamol courtesy of HRH who carries
more drugs than a chemist!

Anyhow was up early to witness our arrival at the port of Santa Cruz de
Tenerife. Shortly after our appearance on deck the Captain came on the P.A.
to inform us that we would be docking some 40 minutes late as we were unable
to reach the required speed during the night. Clearly the Flymo power plant
down below could do with a tune up!

Soon however the ship was docked along side another cruise ship; the Costa

It's worth pointing out here that very few cruise lines are truly
independent any more. The majority are owned by the Carnival Group, an
American company and includes our Cunard as well as the aforementioned Costa
and some others.

Anyhow, had a good morning ashore. No tour this time so had a good walk
around the town. Thanks to a number of steep(ish) inclines and HRH seemingly
getting heavier by the minute I have another excuse not to go to the gym.

Lunch in the Golden Lion again then an afternoon of sunbathing. An enjoyable
dinner but an early night as still feeling a bit below par.

Saturday 17th October - Gran Canaria

The lawnmower engines did their stuff last night and we arrived on time in
the port of Las Palmas - the capital of Gran Canaria.

Me and the better half have been here before a couple of times - in fact
it's one of our favourite cities and at the moment our favourite of the
canary islands. Our first destination was the department store "El Cortes
Ingles" and an injection of caffeine. Was planning on acquiring another pair
of shorts as the waistband on my remaining pair had shrunk in the same
mysterious way as my suit trousers. Winter was coming apparently though -
even in the canaries - and not a pair was to be seen. Will just have to
breath in I suppose!

After our caffeine fix we headed over to the beach area and had a pleasant
stroll. Decided against stocking up on duty free booze as the current
exchange rate makes it hardly worth while.

Headed back to the ship for the usual lunch/sunbathe/dinner. However at some
point during all this HRH availed herself of the ships salon for a trim up.
I kid you not, she was in there less than an hour and came out 90 dollars
lighter. Christ they know how to charge on here at times! I'm sure it looked
very nice but after she'd had a siesta and slept on it I really couldn't see
the difference!

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