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Friday, 2 October 2009

The Canarian Chronicles - Part 2

Thursday 15th October - At Sea
Currently steaming towards our first port of call in the canaries -Tenerife.
Yesterday afternoon we stood on deck as the ship departed Vigo and enjoyed
more of the wonderful weather. This part of Spain looks very pretty and will
go on the list as a destination to see more of at some point.
Yesterday evening we celebrated HRH's birthday with drinks in the bar before
dinner, and rather too many after. Joe was on excellent form as the
undoubted star turn in the late night Karaoke session.
Taking in to account last nights alcohol consumption an easy day was called
for. The temperature was perfect but it was a bit cloudy at times. We were
informed via the lunchtime navigational update from the bridge that, in
order to reach Tenerife on time the ship would reach her maximum speed of
somewhere approaching 24 knots.
Now that may seem fast for something in excess of 90,000 tonnes but consider
that the now retired QE2 could do nearly 34 knots AND go backwards faster
than many cruise ships can forward thanks to its nine double decker bus sized
engines and huge electric motors.
Consider also the the other Cunarder; the Queen Mary 2 that comes in at
150,000 tonnes can also easily do in excess of 30 knots thanks to it's
massive power plant. At the time of writing we have just hit 22.7 knots
thanks to the Victoria's lawnmower engines!
Ah well, an early night beckons - as well as a dry one. Need to give the
liver at least one night off. Plan to be up early tomorrow to see our
arrival in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. We have no plans to anything
other than a stroll around the town, but will see what transpires tomorrow.

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