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Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Canarian Chronicles - Part 1

Yes, more dodgy alliteration means its time for another dose of  insomnia busting travel tales from tubbystar, accompanied as always by Trev, the better half and on this occasion by Trevs' Mum; Hilda, hereinafter known as HRH!
Also on this trip were our good friends Kevin & Lawrence, Joe & Doug, and Lawrence's Mum & Sister; Trixie & Charlene.
The jaunt this time is a ten day cruise mainly around the Canary Islands but also taking in northern Spain and the island of Madiera too. The vessel in question is Cunards' 90,000 tonne Queen Victoria, currently their newest vessel, at least until the Queen Elizabeth is launched late next year.
After setting sail from Southampton Monday afternoon, yesterday was a full day at sea crossing the Bay of Biscay. It was reasonably calm, considering how rough it can be in these waters but even so the old girl still piched and rolled a fair bit (thats the ship, not HRH!).
This morning we arrived at the busy port of the city of Vigo in north west spain, just above the border with Portugal. It's a pleasant city, never seeming overly busy though the traffic was pretty horrendous.We had made enquiries on the 'net about a tour bus as we were determined not to pay Cunards' outrageous prices. As promised, at 10:00am a open topped double decker bus appeared on the Quay and we jumped on. Lawrence, Trixie and Charlene joined us on the bus and we had an interesting tour although the traffic clogged streets impeded progress somewhat. A couple of well timed stops were included giving us the opportunity to stretch our legs and take a few pix.
The bus returned us to the ship just after midday and we had a bit of a wander round the streets near the quay. The steepness of some of the streets made manouvering the two wheelchairs interesting. Suffice to say I have no need to go to the on board gym this afternoon! It was nearing 1pm which meant it was at least three hours since we had eaten!In cruising terms this is a lifetime so we headed to the Golden Lion for some solid & liquid refreshment.
The Golden Lion, for the un-initiated is one of the many watering holes on the ship and is in the style of a traditional British boozer. Thankfully, the theming extends beyond wood pannelling, copious brass ware and simulated nicotine stains on the ceiling and offers a range of some decent real ales.
The mercury had risen sufficiently to trigger thoughts of sunbathing so some of us headed upstairs to the open decks to catch some rays. HRH decided to go back to the cabin so she could have a good rest.
And so would we.'Nuff said!
At time of writing we have just left Vigo and are now heading out into the Atlantic. A day at sea lies before us tomorrow, then on Friday we are in Tenerife.

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