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Monday, 5 October 2009

The Canarian Chronicles - The End

Thursday 22nd October - At Home

It's finally over, and what an ending but I'll come to that later. Firstly
I'll carry on more or less where I left off..

The midday navigational update from the bridge on Tuesday suggested that the
weather would be deteriorating and as a result the pitching and rolling
would increase.

In the meantime we done lunch in the pub as usual, watched Joe sing in the
talent show then returned to the pub for a quiz. Afternoon tea followed then
we headed back to our cabins for a kip before getting ready for dinner.

Early evening, the cabin phone rang - HRH has been bad although fortunately
the waste bin was in in easy reach to catch most of the re-appearing lunch.
Trev went around to the cabin to clear up the rest and came back looking a
bit off colour too. By now the ship was really dancing. We elected to stay
in the cabin and have room service again as it would have been no fun,
trying to get too the restaurant, never mind keeping the plates on the table
long enough to eat from them!

Remarkably, the cabin steward managed to bring our order without breaking
his neck. By this time things were really started to move from their
allotted positions in the cabin. My drink performed something akin to a
moonwalk before careering off the end of the bedside table. Trev opened the
fridge to get another can and the next ten minutes were spent scouring all
corners of the cabin in order to return the fridges' contents to their
rightful place!

Eventually though, with food and drink devoured and everything else nailed
down we attempted sleep.

I didn't quite roll out of bed during the night but it was damn close and
the rocking and rolling showed little sign of abating in the morning as we
entered the Bay of Biscay.

Thankfully late afternoon as we turned to begin our entrance to the English
Channel the sea calmed considerably. Our final dinner was pleasant and we
had a couple in the Golden Lion after before it was time for bed.

The disembarkation was delayed as we were unable to reach our required speed
(again) to dock in Southampton on time. We had asked for wheelchair
assistance for HRH but they too were running behind so I went ashore to get
the baggage and pick the car up.

HRH & Trev appeared soon after deciding not to wait for said assistance, and
soon after we were exiting the docks and after a traffic free journey
returned home just before midday.

In fact the journey was such fun that, after depositing HRH in her armchair
with a cup of tea and the tv remote, we turned tail and drove all the way
back to Southampton, stopped for a brief interlude then drove back again.

Oh yes, and we stopped to collect the piece of luggage that I forgot to pick
up earlier........

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