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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

A Single Life | How Much!

Ok, so I said that I wouldn’t go back to August but I’m going to do so purely to illustrate how things have changed on a more practical level particularly with regard to caravanning.

I decided to move sites a few days after Trev died - my cousin Andy and Janet were keen to take their eldest grandson Braydon away for a few days, to a site the other side of Colchester on the way to Clacton. It was a site Trev and I stayed at in our first year of caravanning and had fishing lake which was the main lure (pardon the pun) for Andy & Braydon.

Whilst having family close would undoubtedly be good I also needed to hang around anyway to see the Registrar once the Coroner had given the all clear.

Anyway, I called to check availability and make the booking and my name came up as a previous customer. Having given our new address I had a feeling what was coming next:

“So that’s a caravan for five nights then. No problem. Still the two of you?” Ouch.

“ No, just the one of us now thanks” and that was my first booking as a solo caravanner.

A significant milestone of course but it also got me thinking about how some sites price their pitches - you see that pitch for five days cost me the same as if there had been still two of us - and we’ve stayed in plenty that price the same way. I  know a number of friends that caravan solo and have remarked on it.

My choice of site in Cambridge (for the arrangements and funeral) would have been swayed by this had it not been for the kindness and generosity of the Caravan & Motorhome Club and I do need to thank them for that.

Fortunately both the major clubs DO price per person so as a solo caravanner you do pay less and this is something I need to consider when planning my trips as I want to get as much time away as I can. Of course it may be that CL’s/CS’s and more basic sites still work out cheaper so lots to ponder.

Another first manifested itself when I came to pack up the ‘van for that short journey. I’ve mentioned before that Trev and I shared most chores but one area in which that was less so was setting up and packing up the caravan. I always used to do the outside - water, waste, electrics and so on, while Trev did the inside - unpacking everything and setting it out then putting away again and packing so as to ensure nothing got damaged during transit.

I’ll be honest - I hadn’t a clue where he put most things and it was a frustrating couple of hours. I am happy to report though that everything arrived on site intact so I must have got it right!

Much more recently another example presented itself - not so much a reminder of my new status - but that being single doesn't necessarily mean things get cheaper.

It’s Andy & Janet's newest Grandson’s Christening early next month I was pondering staying overnight so we could meet up beforehand. It will be the first chance to catch up since the funeral. There’s a Premier Inn within walking distance (for some) from their home and Trev and I stayed there about a year ago for Andy’s 60th birthday.

Sadly they don’t feel the need to give a discount for single travellers and this has put me off a bit on principle  although to be honest the thought of spending the night in a soulless chain hotel room is not one that fills me with joy. It would be another ‘first’ if you know what I mean and I may yet change my mind but  equally may well just go up for the day. It will be good to catch up with everyone and it’s a good excuse (like I need one) to dress up in a suit for something other than a sodding funeral!

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