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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Three down, three to go

Well, so much for the weekly blog! I did actually start a blog last weekend – but there wasn’t an awful lot to tell, so here it is – the new fortnightly (‘ish?) blog update.

So, we’ve had the first taste of winter down here on the south coast – as wintry as it is likely to get anyway. Hopefully. Temperatures began falling  the week before last although as a result we were blessed with some lovely sunshine and clear blue skies. Normally service was soon resumed though. Mild and wet – and pretty depressing. Monday may have officially been the ‘bluest’ day of the year but for me Friday had a pretty good stab at it.

Last weekend we woke to the first dusting of snow – although by the time we emerged to go and get my school minibus for Monday morning, the roads were clear which was a relief. Yes, it may look pretty but when you’re job involves driving – of any sort – it can be a right royal pain in the arse can’t it? Our minibuses handle well in the dry – remarkably well given their bulk, but put them on an icy road it’s pure guesswork which direction you’re going to go in. And as soon as more than a couple of flakes fall part of my bus route gets shut anyway thanks to a couple of hills. We don’t ‘do’ snow very well down here.

Well, I’m well over  half-way point in my quest for a dry month. It’s been easier than I thought although lime and soda is starting to lose it’s appeal. It’s interesting too how the price varies – I’ve paid as little as 45p for a pint or as much as 2 quid for what is essentially fizzy water with a dash of cordial . I’ve rediscovered my childhood love for cream soda too as a rather bizzarre alternative to a beer in the evenings when  in front of the telly.

The weekend weigh ins havent been  pleasing as I’d hoped. After the first weeks dramatic drop, last week I managed to a pound back on – and this week I’ve stayed the same.  Hopefully it’s only a blip as I ‘ve been taking my morning walks - at least a mile – when the weather has allowed. Of course regular visits to a gym would be the answer, but  no thanks. Been there and done that – a long while ago – and found it so bloody boring.

Last week, the eldest on my bus – who is in the final year of Sixth Form – found out that he has been offered a place at Churchill College, Cambridge after an interview in December. Yes, he has had the benefit of a private education – and a very good one if the league tables are anything to go by – but he has still had to work hard for it, so the very best of luck to him. Well done.

We finally got our Easter holidays planned and booked too. After Twittercamp in Cambridge we are heading up to Ripon in Yorkshire for a week, then down to Buxton in the Peak District for a week before finishing up in Surrey for the last few days. All new sites and places for us, so we’re very much looking forward to them.

Talking of caravanning, Patsy – that’s our caravan for the unititiated – is currently in dock for her annual service. She’s in the last year of her dealer warranty – otherwise I’d get a mobile guy to do it. Not only that but a section fo the floor looks like it’s becoming delaminated – and that’s a warranty job. What isnt is the wheel bearings which apparently need replacing. We’re not at all surprised – the caravan is nearly nine years old and has covered al awful lot of miles in the two years that we’ve had her.

Trev has worked late on the last couple of Wednesday nights so rather than rustle up something at home I called in to Andy’s Deli just up the road in Saltdean’s main shopping street. Andy used to work for the school in security and last October opened his own deli and restaurant. I like to call in when I can not just to support him but because he makes mighty fine pizza and the hot Mexicana is just yummy. Add in reasonably priced great tasting coffee (don’t forget I’m on the wagon!) and delicious ice cream and it’s always well worth a visit. There’s also sandwiches, baguettes and soup on the menu and a great range of cooked meats, cheeses, olives and the like. You’ll also find a huge range of chili based products – from sauces and powders to chocolate and seeds. Andy has done a cracking job and it’s well worth a visit – find him in Longridge Avenue, Saltdean – next door to the Co-Op.

Yesterday was the schools Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep Open Day. We were engaged as usual to help with parking at the Pre-Prep where Trev is now caretaker. With the palying field out of action due to the recent rain it could have been tricky, accomodating everyone’s cars with the very limited parking spaces that we have but in fact it was uncharacteristictly quiet and everything went smoothly. Next weekend is the Open Day for the Senior School - that is generally a lot busier and with building work due to start and a large area being closed off as a result it is likely to be more of a challenge.

Right that’s it for now. Check back in a week for the next enthralling update. Or fortnight. Maybe”"!

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