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Sunday, 3 January 2016

A dry outlook.

Blimey. It doesn’t seem five minutes since the end of term. Enjoying the support staff Christmas party, then heading off in Patsy, the three weeks have once again hurtled by and it all starts again tomorrow – Hilary term no less. Every alarm clock on every possible device has been set in readiness for the silly o’clock start although in all probability I’ll be awake well in advance of any of them.

The usual pile of post was on the doormat when we got back from our trip in the caravan – Christmas cards, magazines and a whole load of flyers that went straight to the recycling bin without passing Go. There was also a delightful communication from HMRC informing me that due to a change in my circumstances I will be required to fill in a tax return. Oh what fun! I wasn’t aware of my ‘circumstances’ changing – I’ve worked for the school for nearly three years – so will see if said tax return form actually turns up when the time comes or whether they’ve got their wires crossed.

I had, during our time away, given some thought to pausing my ‘research’ activities for a month and was planning to start  - or should that be stop - after this weekend. However it appears that I’ve climbed on the wagon early! Not a drop has passed my lips since around 11:45pm New Years Eve, so I might as well carry on now. At least the 1st Feb – when normal service resumes – will come around a little quicker! It’s a while since I’ve had more than a few days off the grog – at least 15 years at a guess – and it will be a challenge, but that’s all the more reason for doing it. It will be good for me both  physically and mentally. Having jumped on the scales this morning, at 13st 10Ib I’m now the heaviest I’ve ever been. Even my stretchy jeans are finding my backside and thighs increasingly difficult to accommodate!

So, 6 weeks until half-term – not that I’m counting. We’re booked in at Crystal Palace Caravan Club site for the week and are hoping to do a couple of shows, but being half-term, there are no bargains about. Will keep looking. So, until then hopefully there’ll be lots of overtime – not only driving but there are a couple of open days coming up too when our assistance will probably be needed.

Right, we’ve nearly devoured all the Christmas scoff. Only the last few chocolates and some cheese remain. What doesn’t get eaten tonight will go in the bin as diets start tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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