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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Richard’s Wrecks – Number two

Next up in my collection of old crates is a 1985 Vauxhall Nova 1.3SR (ooh!) in black.1999 - 582

I couldn’t stretch to a GTE and the SRi was yet to come out. Shared the same engine with my Mum & Dad’s 1989 Vauxhall Astra although with the addition of a fifth forward gear.

Done one or two of the usual boy racer mods. Big speakers in the rear parcel shelf and a chrome tailpipe that slipped over the existing exhaust pipe. Kwik-Fit took it upon themselves to throw it away when it needed a new exhaust. Thanks guys, good of you to ask…

This car actually done some mileage other than to the local pub too. A few football trips – I used to follow Cambridge United in them days - so away fixtures took us to places like Bournemouth, Leyton Orient, Oxford and Brentford.

Following our first trip to Australia back in 1995 – which you read about here – I decided to sell the car to help fund a return trip. I was still living at home then and my parents car – the aforementioned Astra – was often free If I really needed it.

I advertised the car, someone came around, we haggled and they bought it. The day before they were due to pick it up – it was nicked – from right outside the house. Trev had called around on the way to the pub and asked where the car was and we narrowed it down to an hour  when it could have been taken. No one saw anything and it was never found. The insurance company came up with a derisory offer which the broker recommended I accept. I dug my heels in, turned it down and squeezed another 200 quid out of ‘em. Better, but still shy of what I sold it for.

Car wise, that was that for a while.

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