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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Richards Wrecks – Number Seven

Our job delivering parcels turned out to to be more than a stop gap and with volumes (and earnings) increasing we decided to become a two vehicle family again. The old red astra was showing signs of wear, so we bought, privately, out of the paper, a 1998 Ford Courier 1.8 D van.


This cost us early on – with only a little over 50k on the clock the previous owner clearly liked riding the clutch – and we had to have a new one fitted. The cam was belt driven and with little service history available we elected to have that changed too. A number of smaller jobs I done myself – starter motor, heater valve, throttle cable and rear door handle if I recall. It was based on a Ford Fiesta and was one of the easiest motors I’ve found to work on. It was a good workhorse too and we ran it on vegetable oil from time to time as well in the days when it was a lot cheaper than diesel. The ford radio was replaced with my own Blaupunkt MP3 CD player thingy – a piece of kit that was now on it’s third car, having been pride of place in the Rover & Astra prior.

We kept this a couple of years or so, it earned us some money and we got a reasonable price on trade in too.

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