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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Richards Wrecks – Number four

Next up – a 1993 Seat Marbella. Hmm

1999 - 4391999 - 438

Trev had to pack in work in  2003 due to heart failure and so sold his taxi at the time – a Rover 75. We decided to buy something cheap and cheerful for my daily run to work that would be less costly to run than the Bluebird and ended up with this – a poor man’s Fiat Panda.

It wasn’t that bad to be fair – ‘the rocket’ cost us 500 quid and next to nothing to run, returning over 48 mpg from it’s 900cc engine on my daily commute to work, and later, over to Papworth Hospital when Trev was admitted prior to his op. We kept the Bluebird and that became the ‘weekend’ car.

It certainly wasn’t the last word in comfort, although rumours that Ryanair designed the seats were completely unfounded. It served it’s purpose well and when we eventually traded it in a year later we we got what we paid for it.

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