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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mumblings from Mogan

Or Puerto de Mogan to be precise. Yes, we are here back in our favourite corner of the Canaries, on the south western coast of Gran Canaria.

It is Thursday 16th Feb, and we’ve been here since Saturday so there’s a little catching up to do but there’s one thing to mention first.
It was a year ago today that our dear friend Roy finally came to rest as his ashes were scattered in the waters just off the coast here. Still thinking of you Roy and still miss you.

Right, back to Saturday. We had to leave the apartment by 1030. I was still sending the blog and emails as the knock came at the door right on the dot. Minutes later, with emails sent and blog posted we said our goodbyes and left.

It was certainly a great place to stay – fabulous views, a great location and for a family of four or even six, excellent value. It rates as number two in our list of favourite accommodations – Mark & John’s place – where we stayed at Calahonda last year - still tops it. (I’ve no shame, anything in the hope of a discount – only kidding guys, but we will be seeing you again at some point)

On the way to the airport we stopped at the holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen – much bigger than where we had stayed, many more shops and restaurants although the offerings varied little. We stopped at ‘Ye Olde Spanish Pub’ for a full English – you get the idea.

We was at the airport far too early, at the smaller terminal too which was very quiet. The good people at Binter Canarias – the local airline - allowed us to check our bags in early. We sat down and waited for our flight.

After about three days our flight was called. It didn’t take long to board and the process was far more relaxed. There was only about forty of us on the little seventy-two seater. The plane was comfortable with leather reclining seats – easyjet take note!

The flight itself was smooth and uneventful, they even came around with a choccy bar and soft drink – hardly necessary for a forty-five minute flight but certainly welcome. We had toyed with taking the ferry, but it’s a long crossing and the times didn’t work for us – and there was very little in the price.

Unusually for us we’d booked a hotel in Mogan. Attentive readers will note that we normally have apartments – but I’d left the booking to late and the hotel was all that was left in the harbour area – which was where we wanted to be. We had looked at it a couple of times on previous visits though as a possibility mainly because of it’s location – and that’s where it wins. The pool and sunbathing area is at the water’s edge overlooking both the beach and out to the ocean, from the restaurant the view includes the harbour, as it does from the room. It is fair to say that it does look a little tired in places – a lick of paint here and there would not go amiss. The food has been good though – we’re doing half board (as that was all that was offered) and the offerings for both breakfast and dinner – served as a buffet – are plentiful, varied and tasty too. Our room is fine although again looks a little tired in places. And so does some of the clientele. Made up largely of Northern Europeans, though not many from Britain it is clearly popular with retirees.

Dinner the first night was good, then we had a walk around the harbour stopping for a couple of pints on the way.

The weather on the Sunday was pretty disappointing. We grabbed a couple of sun beds after breakfast and huddled up under towels waiting for the sun to come out. It did at one point but brought with it some rain. I resorted to playing with the camera and taking pictures of some crustaceans – not the other guests but some crabs on the sea wall.

By lunchtime we had given up on the sun and went for a walk. Some shopping was required. The hotel room had a fridge but no tea making facilities so our first stop was to by a kettle and a couple of mugs (yeah, I know, we already had those!) The ones in the little electronic shops scattered around were predictably over priced as was everything else they had on show. A little plastic kettle that was marked up at forty Euros was, after delicate but prolonged negotiations, purchased for twelve Euros. Quite a reduction but you could probably pick one up in Asda or Argos for less.

Better weather on Monday – in the morning anyway and at last we could sunbathe without a coat on.

Tuesday was better again. Sunbathing in the morning than a walk around and a bite to eat for lunch followed by a couple of pints. Followed by a couple of beers from the fridge. It was then that I decided that I wasn’t going to be shown up by the wrinklies, who daily were braving the cold waters of the Atlantic and swimming from the steps down from the pool area. I stripped off and dived in for a few jaw chattering minutes.

Wednesday, we took the bus up to the capital – Las Palmas. The driver was clearly in a hurry which, considering the roads around the southern resorts, is a bit worrying. At one point we actually  skidded whilst overtaking a car that itself was overtaking a cyclist. Bear in mind that there is no room for error on these roads – on one side is the mountain side and on the other is a sheer drop in to the ocean. We made it in one piece though.

Unusually Las Palmas was in sunshine, we stopped as usual for our annual visit to Spains main department store – El Corte Ingles but purchased nothing more than a couple of coffees. We strolled around for a while, taking in the terrific beach of Playa de Las Canteras before stopping for lunch at a little cafe.

The journey back was quicker and less tortuous – we got a direct bus to Puerto Rico then caught the last boat back from there to Mogan.

Right, so bang up to date. There will be just one more blog, just before we leave on Monday, then that will be it for a while. Be sure to read that for some info on what we are planning for our next trip…
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