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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lanzarote Log pt 4

A day off today, well at least for Penelope. We decided instead to make use of the facilities that nature so thoughtfully provided for us – legs. Well, for a bit anyway.

The weather had deteriorated  another notch and the sun was nowhere to be seen so we took a stroll to the marina along the walkway that hugs the waters edge. I was going to  grab some pictures of some of the gorgeous boats tied up and bobbling away gently, but there was one in particular  I was looking out for. It had been moored over on the far side for the last couple of nights and we had admired it enviously as we sat having dinner. This was not mere millionaire money here, we are talking Murdoch/Abramovich/Oil wealth. It was massive and I was looking forward to getting some pictures of it in daylight. Predictably though, it had departed. Oh well.

There was a little ferry boat offering trips to nearby Puerto del Carmen, so we handed over our Euros and jumped on. It was quite a pleasant if chilly twenty minute ride along the coast. We got off and sauntered along the promenade stopping for some lunch.

Later, back at the apartment, the sun was making an effort to break through. There is some yachting competition going on and over a couple of beers on the patio we sat and watched the boats return, along with our missing gin palace!

At dinner later we spoke to the waitress who said that the rumour is that the owner is a Russian guy who owns one of the yachting teams. It is moored here more or less permanently, she said.

Well, a rather brief one this time. Back on the road tomorrow all being well to explore to the middle bit.
Until then……

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