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Sunday, 19 February 2012

More Mogan mumblings

Right, another quick catch up and then the news.

Thursday – spent an hour or so on the last blog after breakfast then back to the sun bed. The forecast had promised patchy cloud and some rain and both appeared shortly after I sat down, however it didn’t really matter. We had already decided to get the bus around to Playa del Ingles and do some duty free shopping – which we did. The weather improved during the afternoon however and we returned to bright sunshine.
Friday, and all day by the pool. We had thought about having a stroll around the market that takes place here on Fridays, but we’ve done it in the past and decided instead to make the most of the sun. I had a couple of dips in the sea too. I should have mentioned too that there are steps from the pool area, straight down into the sea and at least ten feet of water. So you go straight in, or, if you come back up the steps dry, everyone’s going to know you're a wuss! Considering the average age of the clientele here though a Stannah stair lift wouldn’t go amiss…

Saturday, ditto. Even warmer today, at last the sun feels hot rather than warm.
Ok, back to today. As I type the sun is out and it looks like it’s going to be a good last day here in dear old Puerto de Mogan.

We actually should have been up and about much earlier. During the week, on one of our frequent visits to Dennehy’s  bar  we got talking to a group of rowers calling themselves ‘Titan Row’. It turns out that they are here preparing to break the world record for a transatlantic crossing. One of the guys knows Carl who, as many of you will already know, was in the ‘Row 2 Recovery’ team that recently rowed from the Canaries to Barbados raising funds and providing inspiration for injured ex-servicemen.

Well. departure was set for 0700 this morning and we decided it would be great to see them off. Complications though have put off the launch for a few days. Clearly disappointing for them, but I really wasn’t relishing the prospect of getting up at silly o’clock on the last day of our holiday anyway!

Right. The news.

Europe beckons. We’re going travelling. We going to get to practice our French phrases, so meticulously learnt from ‘Only Fools & Horses’ in France, and try very hard not to mention the war in Germany. We have no particular route and no specific destinations. If they earn & spend the Euro then they are a possibility. I guess that's Greece off the list already then…….

Why? well we’ve been talking about going travelling again for a while. Many of you will know how much we loved touring Australia and New Zealand, the first visit of which I recounted in ‘Down Under Revisited’ a while back. Trev said he wants to do it before he’s ‘past it’ – his words – I merely agreed with him!

Also, I recently turned forty (ouch) which, according to all the self appointed experts that pop up on TV and in the newspapers, means the onset of a midlife crisis.

Same ‘expert’s’ will tell you that men do a number of things when this happens: have an affair (hardly likely – no one else is that daft), buy a motorbike (not for me, I’ve always preferred four wheels to two and besides, have never needed an excuse to wear leather anyway….)  and wear inappropriately tight jeans (I’ve always done that).

No, because I’m going to buy a caravan. We’ve already had a look at some and once purchased plan to see a bit of Britain as a sort of practice run. A Pikey apprenticeship if you like. A word of warning though, when any of you invite us to dinner (hint, hint), be sure to count your cutlery…

Then, market conditions permitting we will be downsizing to release the cash needed to fund the trip. We have no idea how long we will be away – six, twelve, eighteen months, it doesn't matter. We going to take our time and have fun.

The end of October is when when we plan to start, which should give us time to sort everything out. And yes, I’m afraid this is going to mean the mother of all blogs……

Until then….

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