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Saturday, 1 February 2020

18 Months

It seems incredible that 18 months have passed since Trev left us and, whilst I still miss him greatly, the fact that he was so cruelly robbed of his retirement hurts the most. 

Looking back at the last year and half though, alongside the inevitably emotional troughs and dark days, I've been getting on with it, enjoying some great trips away in Patsy, seeing new places, making new friends and enjoying the company of existing ones. Work is going well and I've enjoyed doing new things too, things that perhaps we wouldn't necessarily have done together.

My thoughts on the afterlife mirror Trev's - but, if he was up there looking down, or down there looking up (!) I'd like to think he'd be pleased with how I'm doing. He would have plenty to say on the recent political shenanigans too. He would roll his eyes at some of my outfits and probably tell me to keep an eye on the booze. But overall I reckon he'd say "you're doing alright Rich'. That means a lot.