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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

9 Months

So, we’re now three-quarters of the way to the first anniversary of Trev’s passing, the coming of which is now appearing more and more on my radar and at times it’s making me a little anxious. I feel I should mark it in some way - and am perhaps doing that already by going back to the site where he died - but what else, I’m not yet sure. What I’m starting to realise more and more, is that it’s going to be very tough indeed. I’m also sensing though that it’s quite an important hurdle and is a significant marker, though of course my grieving wont suddenly be over, the day after. I won’t suddenly emerged from a cloud with a hop, skimp and a jump on the 2nd August - it just doesn’t work like that. But maybe there’s some things that I've subconsciously put off that I’ll get around too

The month gone saw what would have been or wedding/civil partnership anniversary on the 6th, an occasion which didn’t effect me as much as I thought. I’ve also been away as many of you will know - flying up to Scotland to stay with friends and had a fantastic time. I’m enjoying getting out and about other than in the caravan - and this is the sort of trip Trev & I would probably never have done. Mixed feelings of course though - I’d much rather have had him by my side.

This month’s photo show’s him with dear old Patsy 1 - our first caravan. Not, as you may think when we picked her up but this was in January 2014 when we traded her in and said goodbye to her for the last time.Or so we thought. Having both driven away pretending we didn’t have something in our eye, we returned a few moments later to retrieve the cutlery we’d left in the draw!

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