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Monday, 31 October 2011

Sojourn on the Solstice Pt 2

After a couple of days at sea it was nice to be back on terra firma again, at the delightful port town of Dubrovnik in Croatia. We had already docked by the time we woke and as we peered blearily eyed out from the balcony, the Seabourn Quest sidled in rather gingerly in front of us.

We had pre-booked a tour which included a cable car ride from the top of which were spectacular views of the old town and surrounding areas.

Dubrovnik 26-10-11 (5)Dubrovnik 26-10-11 (100) 

A short walking tour around the old town followed. We had all been issued with a set of those wireless earphones prior to ensure we heard every word the guide uttered, however soon after the tour started I turned mine off. I think the others followed soon after. It's not that she didn't know her stuff because the she did, she liked the sound of her own voice a little too much - still I should be used to that......

Dubrovnik 26-10-11 (113)Dubrovnik 26-10-11 (110)

Clearly having withdrawal symptoms from being on the water, we decided to grab a ride on an old 19th century crate around the harbour which was delightful, if a little hairy at times.

Dubrovnik 26-10-11 (74)Dubrovnik 26-10-11 (124)

We returned to the ship all promising to come back some day. It really is a beautiful place and such a tragedy that it was ripped apart by war not that long ago.

Dubrovnik 26-10-11 (118) Dubrovnik 26-10-11 (76)

More to come soon on a fantastic overnight stop in Venice.

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